Nomination Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all nominations submitted whether by electronic or other means. Applications which do not meet these conditions will be withdrawn from the application process.


Nominator - is the person who has completed the nomination form in order to put forward someone's name for an award.

Nominee - is the person who has been put forward for an award.

Terms & Conditions

1. The nominee must attend the event in order to be considered for an award.

2. The nominee should live and/or work in Beckenham.

3. The nominee or nominator may invite others to the event.

4. Citygate provides a number of services and activities that may be of interest to you. If you would like to be placed on its database please email us at info@beckenhamsbest.co.uk

5. All nominations must be received by Citygate Church no later than the closing date - extended now TBA. Nominations received after this deadline will not be entered into the sifting process.

6. Those associated with Citygate Church or its partner organisations may be nominated for awards and submit nominations. Any such nominations will be considered by the panel in the same way and given the same consideration as other nominees. Members of Beckenham's Night of Honour Panel may choose to nominate people but may not themselves be nominated for an award. In the event of a Panel member making a nomination, the Panel member shall not be included in the shortlisting for that nominee.

7. Organisations (including their employees) sponsoring the Night of Honour may not be nominated for an award.

8. A nominator may nominate more than one nominee provided that each nomination is submitted separately.

9. The Panel reserves the right to change any details on the nomination form including the categories.