An Unexpected Interruption!

Posted on October 16th 2013 at 02:36pm

Since 2006 we've been hosting Beckenham's Night of Honour where we honour those unsung heroes of our community who make this a great place to live and work.

Each spring we start designing the look of the event, printing flyers, nomination forms and selecting new images for the website. After Easter we contact the local schools and send nomination forms home in every book bag. Distribution companies deliver nomination forms to homes in the BR3 area, our press release is sent to the local papers and, in more recent years, our social media are used to engage with people about their local unsung hero.

Over the summer we start collating nominations and researching people's stories ready for the judging panel to meet. September is always a fun month as we contact those shortlisted for an award and let them know that they are someone's hero.

From then on it's non-stop as we get ready for the big event. The musicians, singers and dancers rehearse. Videos are filmed, costumes are made and lights are set and we rehearse again. The invitations are sent out and the RSVP's entered into speadsheets and seating plans are drawn up.

Finally the day comes, the red carpet is rolled out, the awards are given one final polish and the champagne is opened. The show starts, and those that are making a huge difference in our community are honoured and given a night to remember.

But this year things have been different... we've had an unexpected interruption!

2013 started just like every other year but due to unforeseen circumstances we are unable to host Beckenham's Night of Honour this November. We're working hard to confirm a new date in March 2014 and so this year a new routine is about to begin.

We've now got an extra 5 months and we're going to use it to make this the best Beckenham's Night of Honour yet! All nominations we've received for this year's awards will be carried forward to next spring but we've time to add in a few more nominations. So if you know someone who is making a huge difference in our community and want to nominate them for an award then the lines are still open!